Moving to Germany with your cat?

4 things you need to know to take your cat to Germany

  • Microchip for your pet must be international and not domestic-yes there is a difference and be sure to ask your vet, if they aren’t sure find someone who IS sure
  •  Rabbies vaccination must be done AFTER the pet has been microchipped
  •  Rabbies vaccination must be done 21 days PRIOR to your pets move to Germany
  •  Your vet must complete the EU health certificate no earlier than 10 days prior to your pet’s arrival to Germany

Clicking on EUooGZooEN will take you to a PDF example of the EU health certificate that must be completed by your vet.  You should obtain an official EU health certificate from your carrier service, I’ve attached it here only to provide a frame of reference.

The pet service we are using for Tank (our cat) is:

The microchip is:

I will be sure to write about our experience with the carrier service!


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