Temporary Paralysis

My life is taking me on a road that I never even dreamed existed for me.  Not knowing exactly what lies in my future can be paralyzing in a way.  I’ve had many mornings in the last weeks, where I’ve sat over a cup of coffee and been unable to get up and do anything.  Yes I’m overwhelmed by how much there is to do in order to go.  But even more, paralyzed by the idea that in a short time, all these monotonous things like laundry, dishes, bills, and groceries will be the same chores in an entirely different world, and different language.

This paralysis doesn’t last long, maybe 15 minutes.  And then I get up and make a list.  That list breaks through the paralysis and gets me to focus on the needs of the day.  Idea man/woman of the “To Do list”, I thank you.

He is handling it better than I am.  I’m impressed by him really.  I know that he is scared and overwhelmed too.  Through all this, he has a job to do.  And he does it so well, I’m so proud of him.  On top of his job, he is coordinating most of the relocation tasks, and then comforting and supporting me in my moments of weakness.    What a lucky woman I am.  I need to be strong for him, and me (and Tank-of-the-world of course).

Now, I’m off to complete my To Do’s for today!


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