Holy Toledo Batman

Yes Robin Boy Wonder, we made it.   Yesterday our first day here, we met friends at a cafe for a few biers (beer) and managed to stay awake until 9pm Frankfurt time before passing out unconscious.   Today we spent some time in the morning unpacking and finding places for things.  Unlike the U.S.  all stores are closed on Sundays, so we will eat out for all our meals today as we did not have the foresight to get to a grocery store yesterday!  So far the weather has been cool, jacket weather, but the sun was out today so we sat outside for our lunch.  After lunch we walked to the city center, crossing the Main River which is flooded due to unnaturally high levels of rain.  This didn’t stop the locals from lying out on their blankets with a bottle of wine or having a picnic right near the rising water.

Everyone here loves to be outside, perhaps because for so much of the year it is so cold and rainy, the deprivation causes great appreciation for the ability to be outdoors.  Whatever the reason, there is something quite nice to being outdoors with so many others.

There are demonstrations in the city center this weekend.  Not sure what exactly today’s was for, but yesterday according to our local friends was the ‘Occupy’ protest cleverly protesting capitalism in the European banking capital.

Our temporary apartment is cute, we will be here for 7 weeks.  Size is going to be an adjustment for us.   Our bathroom is really two separate rooms.  One room is the shower and a sink, the other room is the toilet and a half sink.  The toilet room is so tiny, your knees touch the wall when you are sitting on the ‘throne’!   It is an older building so we have the high ceilings and the big beautiful windows and wood floors.  Overall we are very happy with the apartment.  Tank of the World now truly has fulfilled the destiny of his nickname, as he is here safe and seemingly content in Frankfurt.  He really loves the windows.



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