Super Random

A few days ago, I heard and then saw an awesome orange brand-spankin’ new Chevy Camero with its throaty exhaust as I sat at my favorite corner kaffee shop. Then right behind it sitting so coolly at the red light Detroit represented in a black with chrome detail Chrysler 300.  Have to say both clearly stood out in the sea of Beemers, Mercedes and SmartCars, and I had a moment of solidarity. Here Here!

That same morning, after my kaffee I walked down to the Aldi (yes here is another Aldi story-maybe I should make just an Aldi category).  I did my grocery shopping that I’ve become quite comfortable with (yes I’m without a doubt back to cool cucumber status), and got through the check out line and put my hand basket away at the appropriate time and place.  I’m bagging my groceries and the cashier names the cost, I open my wallet, and bam.  No money.  None.  Zip.  Zero.  Nada.  Null.  So here I find myself again, in Aldi, saying “Tut mir leid” to strangers.  Haha, I went home, changed clothing in an attempt to conceal my identity-like anyone there actually cares-and went back with a 100 euro bill!  I never ever over-correct….

I am continually impressed by women here.  They are so stylish!  They manage to walk the city in beautiful shoes.  And yes, these shoes are mostly heels…2-3 inches (I need to start thinking centimeters!) seems typical.  I’ve been wearing my converse sneaks everywhere, and am realizing that I’m going to have to dig down deep and stop being a baby about heels.  For crying out loud, I’m 30 not 100.

Those of you who know me can appreciate this next anecdote:  I found a second hand shop here!  It’s called Oxfam.  Not as popular of a ‘thing’ here as in the US or even other countries, but I did find it and went to check it out this morning.  Didn’t buy anything BUT there is potential there and I believe it will be a regular check out for me.

I’m getting comfortable riding the U-bahn (underground train line), and had an inner glee moment when I realized I knew exactly what I was doing and where I was going.  Big smile on my face while walking, oops, that makes me stand out here.  A girl walking alone, smiling to no one in particular is so not European….or is it?  🙂

Tank of the world is still on U.S. time.  While we are trying to sleep, he runs around the house jumping and chasing the invisible friend.  We wake up to start the day, and he lays around all day.  See him now, in his new favorite chair, cute as can be?

Tankito Guapito

Lektion für heute (Lesson for today):

‘Genau’ means precisely, or of course (pronounce the G like the first G in gorgeous).


One response to “Super Random

  1. Love this! By this time next month you’ll find everything a little easier and in six months you won’t remember what you did before Germany! Love you,

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