Stubborn as a mule

Yep, that’s me, a mule.  Here’s last week’s high points:

Mittwoch (Wednesday) was the JP Morgan race, which apparently is done on the same day in cities all around the world.  Mauricio’s company sets up a large tent with music, food, and drinks and he decided to participate so I planned to go and hang out and support in a comfortable non-sweaty way.  I’m totally a creature of habit, but apparently I can still surprise even myself at times, and I decided last minute to run as well.  In order to emphasis why this is a big deal on its own, you have to know that I am absolutely NOT a runner.  My preferred method of exercising is walking or swimming, but NEVER running.  For whatever reason I got the wild hair to participate, and ultimately found myself in a special company logo running shirt with a number, running in the huge mob of 75,000 other crazy people.  The run was 5.6K and I can honestly tell you that I didn’t walk.  I ran the whole thing, although the last kilometer I’m sure even I could have walked faster than I was jogging.  But I’m stubborn as a mule when I want to be, and with Mauricio running beside me (I mean he wasn’t even sweating…), I just couldn’t let myself walk.

stubborn ass

Lori-stubborn ass

Donnerstag (Thursday) we got the keys to our permanent apartment.  The place that will be our home for the next 3 years.  It was very exciting to see our home, and to start making plans for what will go where…

Freitag (Friday) we went to the Friedberger Markt (<click on it to take a gander) for wine night.  History as I understand it of this market, is that it was a regular run of the mill type market held on Fridays, and a few booths were vendors selling wine.  It morphed over time into the Freitag after work meeting spot for people to wind down over wine.  As you can see from the website its a small corner spot and there is residential housing pretty much on all sides.  So noise complaints were so strong that the market was moved to Mittwoch.  Well this worked too well in fixing the noise issue, and the vendors complained of loss of income as a result of the day switch.  Finally a compromise was reached that the vendors would shut down and stop sales at 8pm, and then security actually would clear people out at 10pm.  Ok, enough history.  Fun thing is, you don’t even have to buy the wine.  You just take your backpack with a bottle (or two depending on your mood of course) and a couple plastic cups, and meet up with friends.  So fun!

Samstag (Saturday) we went shopping for light fixtures.  Here in Germany, tenants own their light fixtures, so when you move into a new apartment there is just wiring hanging from the ceiling.  So after hours and hours we’ve got lighting for the hallways and the bedrooms taken care of.  Still have to take care of the kitchen/dining/living room.  This is proving more challenging of a room, because I’d like to have a chandelier in the middle.  But we can’t agree on one, he doesn’t like my favorite, and of course I don’t like his.  Not sure if I actually don’t like his, or if I’m doing a ‘tit for tat’ type thing.  I’m super grown up like that sometimes.

Here’s a few pictures of what our place looks like:

living room

living room



master bath

master bath

bedroom 1 (bedroom 2 looks the same)

bedroom 1 (bedroom 2 looks the same)

And tomorrow, Montag, I start my language classes.  Every day this week for 8 hours…My brain will be a fried egg by the end of day one, but here’s hoping that by Freitag, it may still be fried, but will be an omelet filled with German language knowledge!

Perfect%20fried%20eggMushroom and Spinach Omelet


3 responses to “Stubborn as a mule

  1. Your week has been full. I love the pictures and the stories, I am thinking journalism would be a good fit for you!
    Wow! What a bathroom! I am looking forward to seeing what ‘ light fixture’ you two finally come up with and how many hours you logged to get there.
    I also am enjoying keeping track of your adventures, thank you for that sis!
    I love you both, tank of the world too!
    Hugs and kisses!!!
    Miss you!!
    Jen and fam

  2. I love the big patio style doors that give floor to ceiling light in the room – that makes it feel cheery to have all that light! Looks like a great place! How unusual that there are not fixtures in the rooms! Isn’t it fun to see how the rest of the world does things! You are doing great in Germany! Love ya,

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