Big things

Today I have no fun stories of my awkwardness.  However, I do have a few big things to share with you:

Big thing # 1:  Montag was our appointment with the Foreign Department for our residence permits.  My application was accepted, and I am being granted resident status for 3 years!  This is very good news, as we anticipated having to renew my status yearly.  I will get an official residence permit card in 4-6 weeks, it will have my picture on it and everything, sort of like a drivers license.

Big thing # 2:  All our stuff arrived on Dienstag!  As you can imagine, this means the last few days I have been knee deep in boxes and stuff.  For those of you who aren’t aware, apartments in Germany do not have in wall closets.  We purchased Kleiderschränke (plural for clothing closet) last weekend.  However, we had to order them and they won’t arrive for 6-8 weeks.  This is making organizing clothing a bit of a challenge aka piles of clothing everywhere.  But that just means we will really be grateful when we do get them-right?  🙂

Big thing # 3:  We leave for our France trip heute (today)!  Tonight when Mauricio gets home from work we will hop into the car and drive to Orléans and stay the night.  Tomorrow we will visit the castles in the area and then drive onto our final destination Royan (along the Atlantic coast-hello beach!).  Samstag is the wedding, and then we will stay a few days extra to explore!

Picture of what our Kleiderschränke will look like (we chose a darker finish) :




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