This last weekend was a fun time for us.  Freitag Abend we went out for dinner at a lovely little Italian restaurant ‘Trattoria i Siciliani’ and ate outdoors on their terrace.  Was a fun little date night and the weather was perfect!  I didn’t take any pictures, but if you are interested their website has a link to pictures:

Samstag Mauricio played tennis with some friends and I met a friend for Mittagessen (lunch).  Samstag Abend we had a friend’s garden party in Hanau.  Hanau is a small city near Frankfurt, and so we took our bikes with us on the train and at the Hanau train station we rode them to the gardens (yes I wore a dress but no Uncle Bob, I still didn’t wear heels 🙂 )  It was a lovely evening with good weather, good food, and new friends.

garden party Juli 2013

garden party Juli 2013

Sonntag we had brunch with a neighbor and then rode our bikes south of the city to the trails in the Frankfurt City Forest.

This week we have made significant progress on the house, and I am posting a picture here of the living room/dining/kitchen area.  If you look closely you can see the windows on the south wall are all open wide but with the blinds 3/4 a way down.  It’s been stupid hot here and even though it’s not as hot as it gets in Kansas or Alabama it’s a new experience altogether without the comfortability of being able to turn on an air conditioner!  Sarcasm aside, it is hot yes, but everyone and I do mean jedenmann (everyone auf deutsch) is telling us to enjoy it while it’s here.  German summers are unpredictable in length and when the summer is over we’re in for a long haul of grey, cold, rainy weather.

home & Tankito bebito guapito!

home & Tankito bebito guapito!

My sister yesterday also reminded me that I needed to update you all on the chandelier situation.   After going to several stores and looking at hundreds of light fixtures we settled on a piece.  We were in Poco, which is a store that Mauricio really hates because it is not exactly known for quality and their ‘mascot’ person on their advertisements looks like an exotic dancer instead of a reputable person recommending a good product.

Nevertheless, their prices are super low, and at that point, I was in no mood to leave another store empty handed.  I pointed out this one, nice comfortable price of 37 euros, and after convincing him that I really liked it and wasn’t just choosing it because it was cheap and I was over shopping he agreed and we brought it home and put it in.  Now, in all honesty, I was choosing it because it was cheap and I was soooo over shopping.  BUT we installed it, and I have to say I really like it.  I think it looks nice and simple and doesn’t make me sick to my stomach to look at because I know we didn’t blow four hundy on it.  Sometimes it pays to be tired and ‘settle’.  What do you think?

what a deal!

what a deal!

deutsche Lektion für heute:

light fixture= Leuchten

chandelier= Pendelleuchten


5 responses to “Pendelleuchten

  1. And by the way, your picture of the apartment looks like it came right out of a magazine – cat and all!

  2. I remember that we hunted more than a year for a decent lamp in our kitchen until we found one – it’s a drag finding decorations that really fit without becoming an eyesore after a short while. Gemütlich is the word I have for your room!

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