Catch the what?

Catch the Millionaire…?

As you might have guessed, our television channels are all German.  We decided not to purchase an extra English channel package in the hopes that the immersion of German television would help us both… and those English channel packages are teuer (expensive)!

One of my favorite sitcoms from back home, How I Met Your Mother is on regularly and I have convinced myself that it is helping my ability to understand German.  Or my ability to read lips? Nah, just kidding, I’m not reading lips…but would you call that cheating if I was?lip readingOne night a week a reality TV show called “Catch the Millionaire” is on.  The name alone speaks volumes to the quality of the content.  The premise of the show is similar to that of the Bachelor back home, except there are 18 women and 3 men millionaires.  Recipe for gold-digging if you ask me, but of course the women all claim to be there looking for love.  (Yea right!)  Well Mauricio and I have taken to watching it.  Of course just because it’s bad television doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some entertainment value!  It has all the personality types you would expect of a bad reality show.

One is absolutely cra-cra-crazy,  a few appear to be lying about their age (there is a strangely high percentage of 29 year old females. What’s wrong with being 30?) a few who hate each other, a few who have just become the best of friends and then of course you have one that has had waaaaay too much plastic surgery, and her favorite song (she sang on camera) “I’m a barbi girl, in a barbi world”.  annoyance

Last night the ‘big revelation’ was that only one of the three men is actually a millionaire, and the women of course had varying responses.  Ms. Plastic Surgery said she was ‘intelligent enough to know which one is the millionaire’, but apparently not intelligent enough to realize it’s a really dumb idea to tell that to the camera man?  She won’t win fan favorite in the end!  I told Mauricio that I thought Ms. Plastic’s German sounded strange to me, and he told me while laughing that it’s because she’s not German.  She is from the United States.  Shut the front door! Baaah! Dang it! Thanks for nothing Ms Plastic for being the most ridiculous fake woman on the show and also apparently being from the U.S.  And also, when I speak deutsch does it sound funny like hers?

Here’s the link to the show’s website-can you tell by looking which one is Ms Plastic?

What does this tell you about me? That I’m watching and now even writing about this?  But wait, don’t answer that, that is a rhetorical question.  Yeeeeesh!  Insert sheep picture here…again…shaun-the-sheep-relaxedThis wochenende (weekend) we plan to do some touristy things here in our very own city.  We’re going to take a guided tour, and then if it’s not too hot go to the Frankfurt Zoo.  I told Mauricio this week that I felt like we didn’t truly know our city yet, and time is running out for us to do the touristy things without embarrassment!  So we will put on our tourist hats and bask in the glory of the sun that now has a hole in it.  (Did you guys read about this?)  Yes, the sun has a hole, but no this is not Armageddon and not even the first time.  Here’s a link to a story about it, short but quite interesting.

Frankfurt Rainbow Juli 2013

Frankfurt Regenbogen Juli 2013

*I took the picture of the rainbow last Sonntag Abend from our balcony-quite nice eh?  I love that we live in a city, but can still see the sky.

Deutsche Lektion für heute:

Rainbow= der Regenbogen

Sun= die Sonne

Gold-digger= der Goldgräber


One response to “Catch the what?

  1. Did you see the rainbow in the picture is a double rainbow? Very faint but still there. Reality TV – its real isn’t it! Mom

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