Tourists for a day in Frankfurt

Samstag Morgen we went to the Frankfurt Zoo.  We spent a few hours walking through the Zoo, seeing the lions, and tigers, and bears, ‘Oh my’!  We also spent quite a bit of time in the reptile/insect area which is Mauricio’s favorite (eeks!).

After the Zoo, we stopped for a late lunch at Cafe Bohne for some Flammkuchen.  As you can see, Flammkuchen is really just a thin crust pizza sans the tomato sauce.  Tasty!



After Mittagessen, we went to the city center to take a guided bus tour of the city’s high points.  What we didn’t realize, is the tour was quite literally about high points, i.e. Skyscrapers.  We took our seats on the top level of a double-decker bus, and plugged in our earphones for the audio guide (offered in 10 different languages).

double deckerFrankfurt’s earth is actually not very suitable to skyscraper buildings, as it is mostly clay and sand.  So, the builders install concrete platforms going up to 50 meters deep into the ground to be a stable foundation.  Also, many buildings are tall and skinny, because German laws require that all office spaces have access to natural light.  Maybe US workers would appreciate such a law for our office spaces eh?  I worked in a cubicle for years without natural light. Maybe that’s why my bicuspids seem to be longer than normal, the sun burns me, and I crave red meat!?

Deutsche Bank towers

Deutsche Bank towers

Deutsche Bank towers have the nicknames Debit & Credit.  Clever, clever.

Japan tower

Japan tower

The Japan tower is a building we have been hearing about from the locals, as the top floor has a great view of the city, and a fancy-schmancy bar for schmoozing.  According to our audio guide, this building is certified to withstand any weather disaster.



I can’t remember the name of this tower.  However I do remember that the outer crown type fixture at the top has to be heated during the winter months so that icicles don’t form on it and drop onto the people walking below.

Frankfurt is proud to call itself the banking center of Europe, and has a Skyline unlike other European major cities.  Frankfurt is nicknamed Mainhatten, play on the fact it is positioned by the Main River and has a skyline likened to Manhattan, NY.  Cousin David what do you think?  Not the best skyline picture here, tut mir leid.



After our tour we went home to freshen up and then back to the city center.   It was the end of Italian Week, so it was a festive atmosphere of food, live music, and people everywhere.


We went in search of a new restaurant for supper, and after much walking (heels!) and a few stops on the U-Bahn we found this:

DSC05995I love Indian Cuisine, and have been craving it for some time.  *Chicken Tikki Masala in orange, and Chicken Korma in yellow:

DSC05993 DSC05994Sonntag we went to Langener Waldsea with friends.  Only about a 20 minute drive south of Frankfurt.  It was a true hot summer day by the water (37 C/ 99 F).

Langener Waldsea

Langener Waldsea

Deutsche Lektion für heute:

to love = lieben

city = die Stadt

Wir lieben unsere Stadt! = We love our city!


2 responses to “Tourists for a day in Frankfurt

  1. What beauty you are seeing, thanks so much for sharing. I like the happy smiles I see on your faces, what a wonderful adventure you are experiencing! Love you two!

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