Museumuferfest 2013

Every year Frankfurt puts on a gigantic festival called Museumsuferfest.  This festival takes place over the course of a weekend and is a blend of cultures, food, music, and various forms of art.  We met with friends on Samstag and walked down to the River Main.  The festival set up shop along both sides of the river bank.  It was a festive atmosphere assaulting the senses:  Various smells of foods, sounds of many languages and the clash of music from different genres on stages next to each other.

DSC06096 DSC06100As evidenced by my selected photos here, the food was a favorite part 🙂

DSC06103 uferfest2013nacht

(All my nighttime photos were horse poo horsepoop

so the night photo I snagged from the official website)

After we had been at the festival only a few hours thunderclouds rolled in and the rain came down.  But that didn’t slow us down.  It just helped us hydrate quicker via osmosis!  Our last event of the day we were sitting at a table, eating (Genau!) and listening to a rock band.  At some point I realized that I understood more than just a few random words they were singing, and that’s when it dawned on me.  They were singing in English, and doing their own version of an old Metallica song.  Say what?!  We stayed until they finished a much milder country version of ACDC Hells Bells.


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