I miss my dryer

Yep, sounds ridiculous, petulant and definitely lazy… and yet, ye who laugh at my despair are they who have yet to wear, wash, and dry clothing regularly without one.  Or simply less lazy.  I’m marrying one of the healthiest people I know.  This guy actually LIKES to run?!   How this character trait of his ties into my despair over not having a dryer is a simple mathematical equation.  2 people who are not nudists + 1 man who exercises jeden tag (every day) = TONS of laundry.

I have always been pretty relaxed as a housekeeper.  Some might actually suggest that I didn’t know what house keeping was, and for that opinion I don’t care to argue.  But as a general rule I did laundry every weekend.  And on those occasions (not necessarily rare) when I didn’t feel like folding, who needs an iron?  A lil extra cycle in the dryer takes care of that.

laundry Man I miss the simplicity.  Instead of a dryer MACHINE, we have a drying rack and an iron and an ironing board…yay for me.

To be clear, there is nothing actually wrong a drying rack.  It has many arguments on the Pro side of a Pro/Con list.  A few top Pro’s being:

  • Uses less energy-the kind you pay for (not the physical kind-this is on the con side)
  • Less harsh on clothing itself
  • Colors fade less
  • Zero risk of forgetting about that almost too small pair of jeans and putting them in the dryer shrinking them into the never actually wear again but always maintain the hope back corner of the closet

However there are a few Con’s for me.  My belief in how significant these Cons are or even the fact that I am actually writing about this, might cause my mother great embarrassment because people always ‘children are a reflection of their parents’.  Sorry mom, I’m sharing anyway because frankly sometimes a girl has to share the little things that get under the skin if only just to let it out and then be done.  Top Con’s are:

  • Gigantic drying rack-takes up space and is not attractive to see in the corner of your living room.
  • Iron use is frequently required
  • Uses more energy-the physical kind-you know the kind that means YOU have to do the work.
  • It can’t keep up with the washing machine, and if not careful you end up with a pile of wet clean clothes that have nowhere to hang to dry, which let’s be real…is basically the same as having piles of dirty laundry and if enough time passes it starts to smell and then may require another cycle in the washing machine which then cancels out the energy efficient argument on the Pro side.

Since I’ve managed in only a few paragraphs to lower your opinion of me, I’ll try to bring it back up a bit by impressing you with more of my Deutsch language abilities!

Deutsch Lektion für heute

Dirty = Schmutzig

Ridiculous = lächerlich

Washing Machine = Washing Machine (pronounced Vashing Machina)

Dryer = Trockner

Only in my dreams = Nur in meine Träume


5 responses to “I miss my dryer

  1. Pretty clever. I put my drying rack away today and used my Trockner. Guess it runs in the family. By the way – what is an iron?!! Luv, mom

  2. Laurie love reading you blogs! Sounds to me like you are doing a great job adjusting to cultural changes. Glad you are immersing yourself in their culture. You’ve come along way from the days of going to Hardee’s with Jim! You two look very happy and am so glad for you. Rene

  3. Ich hat meinen trochner geliebt!
    Esp in a family of four. My family hated rack dried clothes. Beth Ann put it so succinctly when she whined, “Mom, I hate clothes dried this way cause it makes me have to wear ‘Crunchy underwear’ and it’s gross.”

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