Nakey in Deutschland

Nudity is not shocking.  And it’s not a sex-thing.  People aren’t walking around nakey all the time.  It’s just that less care is taken in circumstances to avoid the accidental observation.  And then also, it’s just not as big of a deal.  I think examples can better explain.

– Public bathrooms often (not always mind you) share a washroom.  It is not uncommon for there to be a common hallway between the mens room and the ladies room.

-When Mauricio ran in the BMW marathon relay another example presented itself.  We were waiting at his exchange point with thousands of other runners and watchers.  I was sitting on a rock next to the river while Mauricio was hopping around trying to stay warm before his leg of the race began.  Next thing I know, Mauricio’s got his hands over my eyes telling me that the man sitting next to me is changing into his running gear.  Curiosity might have killed the cat a time or two, but I couldn’t help but look to my right.  It’s like that thing that when someone tells you not to do something all of a sudden there’s nothing you’ve ever wanted to do more than the thing they have told you not to do.  Right?

-A while ago, I had a doctors appointment for which I had to get undressed.  Back home, I would be given a robe or something to put on after changing out of my clothing.  So imagine my surprise, when the nurse sends me to a changing room and tells me after undressing I should come out.  This entire conversation was done in German.  And I was just so sure that I was misunderstanding her, that I came out of my changing room 3 times still fully-clothed to inquire as to if I was REALLY supposed to take off my clothes and come out naked?  “Alles ausziehen? (everything off?)  Wurklich, Alles? (really everything?)” First time she kind of laughed a little, second time no laugh, third time she said ok leave your shirt on.  I couldn’t help it.  The idea was just so foreign to me, that I was positive I had misunderstood her 3 times.  So then I peak around the door of my changing room fully expecting for her to see I was half nakey and laugh and point at the foreigner who doesn’t understand German, but she simply said the equivalent of ‘finally’ and took me to another room.  No big deal….right?

-Our anonymous nakey neighbor across the strasse (street).  The winter weather has altered his habits slightly, however all summer long and late into the fall it was not unusual to look out our bedroom window and see him out on his balcony watering his plants or sitting reading the newspaper…nakey.  Anyone reading watch the Friends series?  Remember Monica and Rachel had the naked neighbor too?  Never met the guy, definitely don’t want to, but I think he’s just of the opinion that the birthday suit is the most comfortable way to water the flowers on the balcony…or read the newspaper on the balcony… 🙂



2 responses to “Nakey in Deutschland

  1. YESSSS!!! they know how it’s done! except I would have done the exact same thing at the doctor…not only do you have to get examined by someone new in your personal space, but you’re totally vulnerable in your nakedness. eep!
    nakey=BEST EVER [except at the doctor’s, obviously.]

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