Herbst in Frankfurt

Well today we got our first sprinkling of snow.  It didn’t stick and after 20 or so minutes it turned to plain ol’ rain.  However it did make me think I should share some pictures of Frankfurt in Autumn (Herbst) before the opportunity passes me by.

Frankfurt is a very green city so it’s been very colorful.  We’ve made it a habit over the last weeks Sonntag afternoons to take a bike ride along the Main River.  We found a cute little restaurant that sits on the river and the walls are glass, so as you sit and enjoy your apfelwein, soup, or kuchen (cake) you have a beautiful view of the riverside and the multi colored trees.

DSC07039DSC07071DSC07088DSC07091DSC07103As you can see, it’s been a beautiful Herbst here.  Everything turns gold, orange, red, and then eventually brown.  Reminds me of the states actually.  Naturally some homesickness creeps in from time to time.  In class just a few weeks ago we did an exercise to describe various photos in German.  One photo popped out immediately to me.  It was a photo of a bright blue sky with puffy white clouds and under it a golden wheat field stretching for miles.  Immediately my brain shouted “KANSAS” and it was all I could do not to burst into tears right there in class.  Those random moments sting, but I suppose I’d have them anywhere I lived.  I even find myself calling here home.  That’s a good feeling.

Another thing contributing to the ‘home’ feeling is good neighbors.  Recently I was shown the kindness of our neighbors.  Our door locks automatically when it closes.  Also noteworthy, it swings shut on its own.   I had a book to return to the library, and I put on my coat, had the book in hand, and stepped outside the door to put on my shoes.  Wouldn’t you stinking know it, the dang thing slammed shut behind me while I was bent over, hitting me in the butt knocking me off balance and promptly locking me out. Don’t ask why I had to put on shoes BEFORE grabbing the keys.  I can be really dumb sometimes.

Do you ever have those moments where your body physically reacts to a situation before your brain can even process what has just happened?  That rush of blood that makes you so hot you almost sweat and then the drop of your stomach?  Then the brain kicks into gear and a few unhelpful epithets come out of your mouth and then you’re still standing there.  That was me.  With no way to get back in, no phone, no nothing.  Oh and Mauricio was out of town for work for a few days.  Just to top it all off, I all of a sudden had to go to the bathroom.  I went down to the first floor and started ringing neighbor doorbells.  Finally, at the last possible door when I had all but given up hope, I found a neighbor home.  I explained in my panicked broken German what had happened, and she invited me in and started making phone calls.  A while back we had exchanged spare keys with another neighbor for instances JUST LIKE THIS.  So I ended up spending a lovely afternoon practicing my German with my neighbors, while waiting for the other neighbor to come home from work.

Deutsche Lektion

Homesickness = Heimweh

Neighbor = Nachbarn

Key = Schlussel


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