wein wanderung

The first of May is a holiday in Germany, “Tag der Arbeit” which means day of the worker, think Labor Day in the US.  And so taking full advantage of a free day, we embarked with friends on a “wein wanderung”.  Now if you say that out loud it sounds sneakily like English, and really loosely translated is a wine wandering.  Wandering in the mountains of vineyards south of Frankfurt that is… 🙂  (really wanderung means hiking)

We hopped a train from Frankfurt headed south with friends and stepped off in the little town of Zwingenberg.  From there we simply followed the MASSES of other people there for the same reason, and started trekking through the city streets to the trail up into the vineyards.

wein wanderung 2014

wein wanderung 2014

wein wanderung 2014

wein wanderung 2014

The weather as you can see in the pictures wasn’t exactly great, particularly in the morning, a typical spring day in its greyness and rain, but it was beautiful anyway and surprisingly not cold.

We ‘wandered’ for a little over 10kilometers, stopping at various tents set up specifically on this day by the local vineyards to taste the goods.  At the first tent we purchased little leather necklaces that also held a small glass.  And then along the way you can sip when you want, and be hands free.  The Germans are inventive and efficient!  Overall the Rose wines were the best, for those of you non wine drinkers those are the pink wines.  We even had a surprising visit by a flying photo drone-bizarre creepy looking thing-shudder.

This has been a happening event on the first of May since 1988.  The entire trek is 20km, we did a little over half.  According to the website they’ve had up to 30,000 participants!

me w/ the camelback cuz i'm serious about hydration

me w/ the camelback cuz i’m serious about hydration

Also, I was interested to learn, that a Mayday tradition in my home town for girls to dance with streamers tying them around a tall pole “Maypole” is actually an old Bayern German tradition- “Maibaum”- translated means May Tree.

**A few more pictures in the photo gallery



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