Würzburg for a day

Last Donnerstag (Thursday) was a German holiday (Christ Himmelfahrt = the day of Christ’s return to heaven after his resurrection) and so we made a day trip to WürzburgWe hopped a train with snacks, a few magazines and our umbrella’s.

The Residenz Palace was our first stop.  This palace was built in the early 1700’s, and is considered “an important work of German Baroque architecture”.  Apparently it’s important enough that they don’t allow you to take pictures inside, making this post sort of…anticlimactic.

Residence Palace

Residenz Palace

Residence Palace of Würzburg

Ceiling Painting-Residenz Palace of Würzburg

Despite my generally rebellious nature, I did not take any illicit photographs inside the Palace.  The ceiling panting picture here above, is just a photo of a photo-postcard in the Palace’s gift shop.  🙂

After a few hours wandering the Palace and it’s gardens we walked through the town and up to the Fortress Marienberg:

Fortress Marienberg

Fortress Marienberg


view from the Fortress Marienberg


back down to the city


Marienkapelle (St Mary’s Chapel)

People don’t stay inside on rainy days!

Deutsch Lektion:

umbrella = regenschirm

rain = regnet



One response to “Würzburg for a day

  1. Lori, you are seeing such beautiful and amazing places and things. This will enrich your life! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

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