a beautiful July

It’s a beautiful sunny but only slightly warm day here in Frankfurt today. I find myself feeling super relaxed drinking a cup of coffee, grateful that its cooler out because of the whole no air conditioning thing, and wanting badly to write to you all.

Its been a long while since I’ve written, and while I don’t have a rule of how often, I must say I feel like this time has gone too long. So here I am, rectifying that today!

3 Big things occurred this July, biggest numero uno: the huge fact that I am now legally married. What a beautiful experience, one that will continue this year, as later we will travel to Bolivia and make our marriage legitimate in the eyes of the catholic church.  (The text off to the right is a marriage poem written by a friend of mine here in Frankfurt.  Really lovely don’t you think?) Big thing numero dos: I went to Kansas and saw my family (really connected to the whole numero uno thing, but hey it’s family they deserve their own numero, yea?) and big thing numero tres, the World Cup (technically the world cup tourney started in June, but it finished in July so I’m counting it).

DSC_2056_6_logoRegarding numero uno:  Getting married was fantastic, beautiful, awesome, and yea awesome.  No need to gush, those of you who have done it, already know what I mean and feel about it, those of you who haven’t yet, just wait cuz it’s awesome and worth waiting for.

Regarding numero dos:  I had a bit of anxiety about returning to the US. Maybe sounds dumb, but it’s been so long and things don’t stop changing just because you left. Then you can get caught up in your head about whether or not you’ve changed. How will it feel, will I feel different?

But when I saw my family again for the first time in over a year that stupid anxiety wooshed away. What a wonderful feeling to be spending time with those who knew and loved you even when you picked your nose, when you hit those angsty teenage years and became a huge pain in the patoot, and then when you moved away but not too far away, and then later when you moved far far far away for that special someone you love.

Immediately, I took over driving responsibilities from my mom, seeing as how I’d been DYING to drive.  It had been a year people. She was worried I’d forgotten how exactly, silly Mama! I only scared her a time or two. Promptly I bought a box of white cheddar cheez-itz (the BEST), and got down to the business of being back in Kansas, being able to really spread out in those wide open spaces (that exist but don’t feel so endless in Germany) and kept one eye on that beautiful Kansas sunset. Been all over ladies and gents, and it’s hard to top a Kansas sunset.

kansas sunset

kansas sunset

(Photo by daeagle http://www.wunderground.com)

Regarding numero tres: In the world of sport, I think it’s hard to beat watching the World Cup in the country where every single person LOVES soccer and they win it (for the fourth time!).  By the way it’s worth mentioning that the rest of the world calls it football.  It feels weird calling it soccer now.  We returned to Germany just in time to see the final game, in which Germany was playing….and WON.  Pretty awesome being in the country that wins the WORLD CUP!?! (Did I mention, its the fourth time they’ve done that?!)

Here’s a few photos I took of the streets that night after the big win, as Frankfurt celebrated.  Quality isn’t great because I took them with my phone, but you get the idea right? 🙂

IMG_20140714_005307 IMG_20140714_005307(1) IMG_20140714_014011

Deutsch Lektion:

World Cup = Die Weltmeisterschaft

Soccer = Fußball = which literally translates to football, makes sense right?  I mean you play the sport with your feet… us silly United Stations, how in the world did we name a sport with a cone shaped cylinder thrown from one hand to another football…I don’t get it?  🙂

Family = Familie

Wedding = Hochzeit

July = Juli

Summer = Sommer


4 responses to “a beautiful July

  1. Lori, I just love you! It was so great to see you again and spend time watching you and your cousins together! And your wedding was the most romantic wedding I have been to – so very endearing to see how much you and Mauricio love each other… What a precious memory. Have a blessed life!!! Love ya, Aunt Sandra

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  2. Lori- You are the most beautiful bride! You and Marucio look so happy. I can’t wait to see more pictures. I am so happy for you and thankful you have found your true love and you get to continue on this wonderful adventure together. I love reading your blog and getting up to date on what is going on in your life. Miss you! ~Lins

  3. You made a beautiful bride! I’m so happy for you both. Congratulations! I of course love reading your posts. They always put a smile on my face. I miss you girl and hope, hope, hope to make it in Nov. Love ya.

  4. Laurie Jim & I felt so privileged to be invited to your wedding. It was so beautiful in every detail. You two looked so happy and in love with each other. Your pictures are stunning. It is so fun to follow you in the blog and see where you’ve been and what’s going on.
    Marcuio is a real winner!! You’ve done well!

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