a fresh start to a new year

It’s a new year ladies and gents.  So, I’ve been thinking that now is a fitting time for me to write a list of corrections and/or updates from my former posts.  Sort of a way to sand off the rough edges of old and start 2015 smooth.  I’ll start from the most recent and move backward in time.

1.  Correction.  In my Christmas post, I wrote:

Sternschnuppenmarkt = Star sniffle(?)market  (?)schnuppern means sniffle, not sure exactly about schnuppen but it makes sense since it’s cold and you do sniffle after a while.

I have been kindly informed by a German friend, that Sternschnuppen actually means Falling Star.  Sniffle star?  What was I thinking?  I can’t believe I actually published that…  embarassed

2.  Correction.  In my August post about differences between US and German culture, I wrote:

I’m not hip to the laws of guns here in Germany, but there are definitely not Gun shops for civilians on the main streets in Frankfurt.

Wrong.  Yes there is more gun control in Germany, and the percentage of civilians who own firearms is significantly lower than that of civilians in the United States.  BUT there are gun shops right here in Frankfurt.  I was tipped off by a friend that there was at least one, and it got me looking.  There are at least four…that I could find.  annoyance

3.  Clarification.  Last January I wrote a post about being an immigrant.  In it, I identified myself as an immigrant.  An acquaintance of mine, commented that he believes I am not an immigrant but instead I am an expatriate.  I have also referred to myself as an expatriate, so that word was not foreign to me.  However I never considered that there may be a difference between the two.  According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, immigrant means: “a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence”.  Expatriate simply means:  a person “living in a foreign land”.  I’d say this is a square/rectangle situation.  All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.  All immigrants are expatriates, but not all expatriates are immigrants.  Here’s a short article discussing the difference. 

In our case, I don’t know if we are immigrants or not  (maybe that means not).  To think of our time here as only temporary would be dangerous, so we live with the mindset of immigrants.  We do not know what the future holds for us, but we are happy living in Germany.

4.  Correction.  In my post about our first time to France I wrote:

Jou Jou=slang for cheap wine (not sure if I spelled it properly but that is how it sounds)

A commenter on the blog wrote:  “No it’s jaja, pronounced jah-jah . Usual slang for cheap wine is rather “pinard” ( pee-nahr ).”  Since then I have confirmed this comment to be accurate via a French friend.

5.  Update.  Our first summer in Germany, I wrote a super random post.  In it, I referred to meeting a person from Scotland and learning that the people of Scotland would vote on an independence referendum to cede from the United Kingdom to once again become an independent country.  Pretty big news eh?  He believed that there was a big chance the referendum would pass.  In the months leading up to the referendum, news outlets and think tanks across Europe were speculating, researching, and discussing IF the referendum would pass, and additionally, IF it passed, how would it work?  The United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) all use the same currency, the pound pound sign.  If Scotland would cede from the United Kingdom to be fully independent the UK would not allow them to continue using the pound as currency.  Also, the United Kingdom is part of the European Union.  So you could argue, why wouldn’t Scotland just utilize the euro like most of the European Union countries?  Well, If Scotland would cede from the United Kingom, they would also therefore no longer be members of the European Union.  Aside from the questions of currency and EU status, it was a hugely emotional and political topic.  The vote took place September 18, 2014.  A simple majority was needed in order for the referendum to pass.  The outcome was very close, with 55.3% voting No to independence, and 44.7% voting Yes.

6.  Update.  Right before we moved to Germany I wrote a short lil post about moving with our cat.  A company was hired to take care of Tank-of-the-world. The update is simple, the company Pet Air Carrier was total crap.

Tankito doing laundry

Tankito doing laundry

Now that’s over, I feel better. I think this is a good January blog tradition.

Hello 2015.

Deutsch Lektion:

wrong = falsch

clarification = erklärung

update = aktualisierung

New Years Eve = Silvester

Every year Germany goes absolutely NUTS for Silvester.  In Frankfurt the entire city comes to the river banks and sets off their fireworks.  It is absolute chaos.  It is anarchy.  It is AMAZING.  Here’s a 1 minute video clip to give you an idea…


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