Grüne Soße!

It is finally looking like spring around here, and that means the season of festivals has begun!  Last weekend Frankfurt started their Grüne Soße festival, and we popped by to check it out.

Quick geography lesson on Germany:  Germany is divided into what are called Bundesländer which are similar to the states in the U.S. or the provinces in Canada, or…well that’s all I’ve got.

Anyway, Frankfurt is part of the bundesland of Hessen.  Hessen is very proud of 2 contributions in particular to the eating-drinking world:  Frankfurt’s Grüne Soße and Apfelwein.

Grüne Soße is  pronounced Grooneh Soseh and means Green Sauce.  This special sauce in it’s most traditional way is served on a plate with boiled eggs and steamed potatoes.

Some restaurants serve it also with schnitzel, which is basically a pork version of what you might know as country fried steak, or pot roast.  No matter the protein item, potatoes are always the side dish.  The sauce is most surprising the first time you eat it, because it is served cold.  It looks like a creamy pesto although it tastes nothing like pesto.  It is made from combining 7 chopped herbs (parsley, chives, cress, sorrel, chervil, borrage, & salad burne) and quark.  Quark is a creamy dairy yogurty type of product.

Apfelwein is pronounced Apfelvine and means Apple wine/beer/cider.  Apfelwein is always served in these glasses and traditionally poured from a Bimbel.  Bimbel’s are heavy but keep it nice and cold for sitting outside on a warm sunny day.  Apfelwein tastes very much like a less sweet apple juice.  When you order it, there are three ways to drink it; pure, sweet (mixed with sprite), or sour (mixed with sparkling water).

So make a note and if you ever travel to Frankfurt, be sure to try these two regional favorites!

German lesson for the day:

Spring = Frühling (pronounced frooling)

Herbs = Kräuter

Festival = Fest

Apple = Apfel

Cheers! = Prost!




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