Norddeich and the North Sea

Well its been a long while since we’ve traveled anywhere.  What with my big pregnant belly which now is a not so big belly a big beautiful baby girl, we’ve had good reason.  That said, a few weeks ago we decided it was time to venture back out into the wild.  Said wild really just a long train ride to the quiet touristy town on the North Sea Coast of Germany called Norddeich.

Norddeich map image

If you take a look at the map image, you will see that there are small islands off the coastline.  When the tide is out, it goes so far out that tourists can do a guided walk from the coast to island.  Mauricio and his papa did this ‘Wattwanderung’.


The ground is muddy and because of the temperature it was too cold to go barefoot, they didn’t have water boots and so they went wandering in their socks! 🙂

The thing about a vacation with a baby, is that everything you think you can do is too much.  Take the list of all the things you plan to do and then throw it out the window.  I didn’t take into consideration the fact that she would recognize that she was not home.  Everything smells and sounds different.  I underestimated how comforting to her, and to me, our little homey routine had become.  That said, we were able to enjoy lots of fresh sea air and lots of fresh seafood.  So much in fact, that by the time we returned to Frankfurt we all decided no more seafood for a while.



The beaches of Norddeich were peppered with these cozy wind blocking seats called Strandkorbs (directly translated beach basket).  The wind of the North Sea is strong and cool, even in August.  The inventor of the strandkorb was a German woman.  She was ill and her doctor prescribed her the fresh air of the North Sea as treatment for her health.  Problem for her was only that it was too cold sitting out in the wind trying get better and at the same time trying to stay warm.  A clever woman then, and now clever businessmen and women rent these out by the hundreds every day in tourist season.



A section of the beach is designated specifically for kite flying.

kite beach

kite beach


A friend loaned us his kite specifically for this trip and upon seeing the beach sky full of flying colors, we settled ourselves on a hill and set about flying a kite along with everyone else.

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