Köln = Cologne

My parents came over to get acquainted with their newest grandchild.  For the weekend we took a short trip to the city of Köln, or Cologne as you may also know it in English.  The Ö is a tough sound for me to get just right, and the week leading up to our trip, every time I told a German where we were planning to visit, I had to pronounce it multiple times in an effort to eventually get it right.  If you are unfamiliar with German, you wouldn’t automatically know what this letter, this Ö, is supposed to sound like so I found a short video here to demonstrate the sound of it:

I am in every way NOT a morning person, so much so that Mauricio has aptly nicknamed me his dragon.  There are a few traits that I share with our mythological creature friends the dragons:

#1.  Morning breath = fire (of course I’m not the only one this applies to).

#2. Grumpiness when woken.

#3.  Deep noisy inhale through the nose when I’m unhappy (some would refer to this as a sigh, but with me I’m afraid it’s much less a sigh, and much more a dragon stoking the inner flame preparing to unleash it).

#4. Tendency to be attracted to big shiny things, I do love my big dangly earrings!

#5.  Full tummy = happy dragon.

Because of number 5, we have smartly adapted our travel habits from sleeping at cheap lodgings the kind you admittedly spend as little amount of time in as possible, to staying at places that serve breakfast. This results in less issues with numbers 2 and 3 when you go out with a happy mama dragon instead of hustling out the door hungry searching for a place that will serve you more than just a sandwich or a bread roll with a coffee.

Instead of having a big list of things to do inevitably setting ourselves up for failure (which would lead to frequent number 3s), we planned in our short weekend trip for only 2 attractions thus allowing us the luxury to relax while walking and taking in our surroundings.   We chose the chocolate museum and THE Cathedral as our hot spots of the city.

Although no doubt in my past posts I’ve extolled the virtues of audioguides, I’m also a bit of a rebel.  So this trip, we skipped the audio guides.  We passed rather quickly through the chocolate museum about how cacao is grown, cultivated and harvested, and right to the factory that allows you to watch as gallons of liquid chocolate are transformed into tiny little squares and then packaged.


We then wandered through the city


stopping for a late lunch and then walked to THE Cathedral.


The Cathedral’s construction started in the year 1248 and was finally completed in 1880.  During WWII the city was heavily bombed, and although the Cathedral itself took hits it remained standing.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and as of 2005 is fully restored.  I’ve little knowledge of historical architecture, but the spires and facade of this Cathedral reminded me a bit of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.  According to wikipedia it attracts an average of 20,000 tourists per day!


(Because I can acknowledge my photos leave something to be desired in being able to comprehend the size and detail of the cathedral, below is a video to give a better view.)

**I feel it worth sharing with you, my readers, that I have posted less pictures than I normally do-and obviously none of my parents.  The reason being that Mauricio and I have decided to not publish online any photos of the face of our daughter.  So, in choosing photos for this post I realize I will need to endeavor to make a conscious effort to take photos that I can post and still hold to our decision of preserving her facial anonymity.  I am tempted to write a post about this decision as I realize it may seem paranoid or at the least unnecessary and of course you are entitled to that opinion…Perhaps that shall be my next!

German lesson:

Cathedral = Dom

Dragon = Drache

Chocolate = Schokolade (pronounced Shokolada)





2 responses to “Köln

  1. Thank you for your post with pictures. What memories that brought back from our visit to Cologne and the cathedral. Did you hear anyone singing in it? What a sound it was. I understand why you don’t post your little darlings picture–wise decision. Enjoy your time in Germany.

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