All roads lead to Prague

Yes yes, I know the saying is Rome, but really.  Take a look at this map of the Czech Republic highways (point A being Prague)…and it fits!  Check it out:


Last fall we spent a weekend in Prague.  It’s a popular destination for Europeans and notoriously beautiful.  We had great food, did a walking tour, and hit the city’s hot spots but it just didn’t really grab me.  And I think I know why.  Numb-Castle Syndrome.  After 4 years of living in a country, on a continent, where practically every city has a building built before Abe Lincoln said ‘four score’, and castles are as common as Walmarts you just numb up to it.

This doesn’t meant it wasn’t special.  Prague is where Naynay decided to start walking.  For that alone the city matters to me.



We ate Trdelník on the streets (the cinnamon roll thingy) like every single other tourist and had a few great meals but didn’t pay much attention to the information part of the walking tour.  So instead of interesting/historical tidbits to share, here’s a few haikus, and some photos will have to do:

My Czech lesson for you is very short.  Everyone in Prague speaks really good English and so we only learned one word.

Thank you = Děkuji  (Sounds like Dya-kwee)

I must admit I’m not sure we ever got it quite right, because it usually earned us a smile and sometimes a laugh, but it’s always good to make an effort!





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