I debated about blogging this because it’s really personal and possibly not very interesting to you readers.  BUT ultimately this blog is a journal for me.  A way to remember experiences big and small, and although I certainly don’t write down everything that happens this was a delightful moment and I feel it should be remembered.

On the 8th of May Naynay spoke her first sentence, ‘Papi, mehr uvas please.’  This first sentence (and still so far only complete intelligible sentence) has a word from every single language we speak in this house.

Papi= this one is obvious

mehr= more in German

uvas= grapes in Spanish

please=bitte/por favor

I’m calling this language mash-up Spengman:




And because pictures are fun, here’s a few to show you how big she’s getting and what we’ve been up to.




2 responses to “Spengman

  1. I love reading what you post! I can’t travel anymore so do it through you! Your daughter is a little doll! You are very blessed! I hope I get to met her when you come home.

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