Otoño en Bolivia

Well guys, it’s autumn in Bolivia now.  I don’t see a lot of golds, oranges, and reds like you would in say, Germany or Kansas…but it’s a distinct difference from summer time.  SCZ has a lot of trees and they are in bloom in Autumn.


This is the season for papaya, cantaloupes, mandarins and oranges. The papayas are so ripe they’re almost red on the inside and the mandarins are sweet and juicy.  I’m not sure I have ever had better cantaloupe than what I’ve been having these last weeks.  The trees are still giving avocados, put them on sandwiches, eat them in salads, carve them up with a spoon and some salt and pepper.  There’s always avocado.

The first month of autumn was still hot and humid but signature of this season is in the breeze. It’s been breezy or windy every single day.  As of about two weeks ago, it cooled off.  It’s been ranging between 50-60 F (10-15C) and I know that just sounds cool but when you live in a house of ceramic that has no insulation and conversely is built to stay cool, and no heat…  Wowza.  I am more bundled up these days and nights than I usually was in Germany!

I’m feeling pretty good about driving here these days, it helps that I feel foxy in my car.  I’m surprisingly comfortable with the whole rules-are-suggestions thing, honking my horn, and knowing what to expect on the defensive.


Aren’t these guys cool? They call them chupacotos, really they’re some sort of gecko, but they’re everywhere and at nighttime when the lights are on they feast on all the annoying mosquitoes and bugs. For that alone, I like ’em! Find them occasionally in my shower but I don’t squeal. Protecting my buns from mosquitoes while they’re vulnerable is the way I see it.

And really that’s all the news I have for now. Aren’t the flowers lovely?

Spanish lesson:

otoño = autumn

árbol = tree

palta = avocado (Mexican Spanish is aguacate but Bolivian Spanish is slightly different at times, which could be to the influence of the indigenous languages found here.  Bolivia has 36 different indigenous ethnic groups, together they make up approximately 62% of the entire population!)

flor = flower

columpio = swing

rosada = pink

niña = girl

chompa = hoodie or sweatshirt

Hace frio! = It’s cold!

bufanda = scarf

chamarra = coat

Nuestro contenedor llegó el viernes! =  Our container arrived Friday!

Let the organizing and nesting begin!  Chau!


One response to “Otoño en Bolivia

  1. Love! 💕💕 you are amazing – like a little chupacoto yourself – always adapting and changing. I miss your face – not working this Friday, I’ll try to FT then.

    Love you, Xxo

    Sage Goldenberg 416-844-4830


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