I’m a foreigner living in Germany with my family.  Here I’m sharing photos, snazzy quips, and odd historical bits from our travels.  Occasionally I’ll write something profound and insightful but that happens less than perhaps I wish I could say.  I started this blog because I have an obnoxiously poor memory.  I write to remember as we experience life in Germany.

If you like odd poetry, check out my haiku blog.

June 2016 I started another project blog called ‘watch it change‘ that follows the rebuilding of a tower day by day-this blog is just photos-big change happens little by little over a long period of time.

Photo of Frankfurt skyline from www.museumsuferfest.de

Photo of Frankfurt skyline from http://www.museumsuferfest.de


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  1. Hi Lori, I took to your blog like a fish to water. Having travelled a large part of my life in foreign countries, I like your open mind to this fantastic world we are fortunate enough to live in. There’s so much to see, to learn, to listen to that one life is all too short to encompass it. Go on and take it all!

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